Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Day Photos...

September 19, 2009
Five o'clock in the Evening
Walnut Hills Baptist Church

The Wedding Party: Brandi Barda, Kara Bates,
Audrey Page Watson, Zach Watson,
Justin Watson, Brooks Klein

Bringing two families together
Mom Page, me, Zach, Mom Watson, Pop Watson

Our first dance was to: Dave Matthews Band- I'll Back You Up.

Getting seated for dinner!

Causual shots at the reception

My sister-in-laws: Hannah, Gabby, Jen & Emily

Our Cake!

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend! Whew...

Okay, so I know you are all looking for the wedding photos! I promise I will post some in this post... this month has been quite the whirlwind! Our Wedding turned into a wedding weekend for the most part and it was absolutely the best weekend of my life!
From the moment family and friends started to arrive for the festivities we began having fun!
The rundown as simply as I can post it:

Thursday September 17, 2009: My Bachelorette Party! Hosted by Bernie - One of mine and Zach's closest mutual friends. She held a get together for me at the Coco Choclatier in New Town in Williamsburg. We had the best time! Two of Zach's sisters (Emily and Hannah) were there, Kate (Justin-Zach's brothers girlfriend) was there, and my best friend in all the world (Kara)surprised me and made it into town that night for the party! Bernie did a fabulous job and I felt so special the entire night! (don't judge us by the photos! we had a GREAT time!)

When I first got there, Bernie made me put on a tiara...
then they had to take a picture of my toes b/c I have never had a pedicure before...
Bernie and I goofing off... Me and Kara! (if you can't read the tags... Bernie made these for us all to wear during the party. One of mine says: Bad Ass Bride, the other says Last Fling before the Ring. Kara's says: I'm with the party you can buy me a drink... and the other one says Bachelorette Support)
Hannah & Kate REALLY enjoyed the fondu! And the typical group shot!
It was a great night!

Then on Friday September 18, 2009
We started at 8:30AM at my mothers house for a Wedding Breakfast for both families to come together before things got hectic!
Here are some photos of the morning:

There were toast's ... and presents....

food... and Family!

It was a wonderful start to a great day!