Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I have been indirectly struck by lightening... TWICE...
2. I absolutely love babies
3. I do not like cake or ice cream
4. I am OCD about even numbers
5. I used to drive a 66 Mustang, and I regret getting rid of it. I think I will own a Lotus at some point in my life though...
6. I am extremely afraid of monkeys- all species of monkey...
7. I can speak French
8. I LOVE the beach and all things beach
9. I have a very big soft spot for animals... except monkeys
10. Patience is NOT my virtue
11. I miss my Dad everyday
12. Butterflies have special meaning to me
13. I do not like the color pink
14. I love BIG families
15. I believe Zach is the one
16. I will visit Australia one day
17. I have always wanted to play the violin but I took piano lessons
18. I am a people watcher
19. I value my mother's opinion
20. I listen to Dave Matthews Band when I am upset and dont know what to do
21. The most selfless person I know is Zach
22. I secretly adore my cat
23. I am the clerk of my church
24. I know God has truly blessed me
25. I try to make every breath count