Monday, March 30, 2009

Moments that take our breath away...

Corrolla Vacation...

So Zach and I went on vacation for a week to corrolla with his immediate family- most of whom have never been to the OBX as they are from Vermont. We had a great week with the family- lots of fun, tons of great food!, adventure, games, the beach, movies, puzzles, the hot tub
and one huge surprise!

Each night we all took turns making different meals for the family, Zach's immediate family is large- he has 5 siblings... and so we had lots of great food! (not to mention we had to experts in the cooking field with us, Zach's brother Justin who is an executive chef and Hannah's boyfriend Eric! Those meals were undoubtably the best we had although all the meals were wonderful!)
The weather was cool as the springtime is trying to make it's way into the East Coast this time of year, but the sunsets and sunrises were absolutely beautiful!
One morning Zach and I got up very early and headed out on the beach to watch the sunrise- it was breathtaking. We walked and talked for a long time until the sun began to really pop up just above the water on the horizon...I turned to Zach... and he was on one knee with an open ring box in his hand asking me to marry him! I was so surprised - the setting was perfect. I love the beach and Zach knows this- he wanted things to be perfect and he wanted to make a memory that we would never forget. The sunrise as a backdrop with the ocean beside us... we were the only two in the world as far as I was concerned! I said yes of course~ yet everytime I think of it it still takes my breath away. This moment I will never forget!

Here are some more pictures of our time at the beach... take a look and enjoy our little moment!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Holly!

Today is little Miss Holly Strode's Birthday!
Holly is the 2nd daughter of Mary Jo and Ralph!

We wish her the best day!
We love you Holly, Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Remembering Grandma

Pearl "Grandma" Emerson
1917- 2002
Today marks the day (7 years ago) that Grandma Emerson left this world for a better place.
I believe she is preparing a wonderful place
for all those in her family to one day come together again!
We miss you Grandma, and we love you.
Your awesome love lives on in all of us.
We will see you again- until then,
we remember the wonderful times you shared with all of us!
We are blessed to have you as a part of each of us.
A Grandmother’s Love

IF ever one could clearly see
The true meaning that she means to me.
To define a love so unconditional you see
Is my grandmother’s love that’s given so free.

It matters not the things we have done,
Races lost and battles won.
Whether right, whether wrong,
Her smile she gave and her love so strong.

A gift of God sent down from above,
A gift of our Grandmother’s unconditional love.
Her battles through life she has struggled to win
And now her struggle has come to an end.

Her strength through it all kept our family together
Though near and far through all types of weather.
For my grandmothers love on wings of a prayer
Shall fly home to heaven on a cloud of air.

Lord, here’s yourangel that we surrender to you
With her arms open wide she asks to come to.
She waits for your hand
A long journey at its end.

Her memory and love I shall cradle with care
To know she’ll be looking down from there.
It’s hard to let go, so precious as she
You must understand it is selfish of me.

To know you will have her soon enough
My grandmother’s love helps us get through the rough.
No more shall I feel the soft soothing touch
In my grandmothers strong yet gentle clutch.

No more times of funny faces we made
To hear her laugh in an even trade.
Her words she strained hard to pronounce
The giggle or dance with that funny bounce.

She is what some have never known
To be granted the years that she has grown.
She is what some have never seen
To be granted this gift and know what it means!

This is the true meaning of unconditional love
That my Grandmother shall still send from above.

Friday, March 13, 2009

In Memory of my Dad... a simple cross...

So I finally got around to getting some pictures of the cross that we had placed in our church in memory of my Dad. We thought we would like for something permanant to be placed in the church in memory- and this cross is beautiful! (my pictures do not do it justice- trust me)- but you get the idea. The cross will stay in the sanctuary permanantly and will normally sit up in the baptistry (under the big wooden cross). But here are a few pictures. I think my Dad would feel honored and undeserving as he was never a flashy attention drawing person! My dad was the strong silent type- but this cross I think, is perfect for him.

Many people may not realize it but the circle with cross design is reflected elsewhere in the church. It is actually on the outside of the sanctuary above the pillars and front steps. Check it out if you happen by the church sometime! (Walnut Hills Baptist Church in Williamsburg, VA on Jamestown Road:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Special Birthday Today!

Today is my Grandma Page's birthday! She is a wonderful 83 years young today! These pictures were taken just 3 years ago on her 80th birthday - she had a big surprise birthday party with many family members in attendance that she hadn't seen in many many years!

Me and Grandma, The Grandkids and Grandma


Group shot from the party!

Happy Birthday Grandma! Many Blessings and lots of love!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today is Carrie's Birthday!

Carrie is Steve Jr.'s wife and we just love her to death!

Happy Birthday Carrie!

Hope today is a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow in the 'burg!

Well I couldn't believe it myself! But it snowed in the 'burg last night! I can't remember the last time we had snow like this! I am at home currently... taking some pictures - and I just learned that I do indeed have to be in to work a little later this morning... so I guess I better start cleaning off the front walk and my Jeep!

Happy Birthday!

Today is Ben's Birthday!
Ben is the youngest of the Johnson brood-
and we want to wish him the best birthday ever!

Happy Birthday Ben!
Lot's of love~