Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Together Tuesdays...What Does Sno-to-go, The Olive Garden and Putt Putt have in common?

So I wanted to start a new trend here on my blog and get some other people involved with me and my bolg posts. I am trying something new and on Tuesdays I am going to devote my posts to a joint effort between me and my husband Zach- he has a lot of insight that I don't have not to mention his humor and wit- I thought I would share him with you all! To introduce him for the first few posts I am going to fill you in on how our story started.

Zach and I first met in 2006 when we were at some mutual friends house for a BBQ. Believe it or not we didnt really speak to one another at this BBQ. It wasn't untill some months later when we both decided to vacation over a long weekend with these same mutual friends in Nags Head. We had a great time, interacted very little, but we did drive home together. This was when we first really started talking and getting to know one another. Zach always likes to point out as well that this is the first time he saw me in a bikini...I will let all of you draw your own conclusions on that one~

Picture on the left- on our way to the beach (mutual friend Bernie, me and Zach in the back) Picture on the right- games at the beach (me in the forefront turning around with my eyes closed and Zach in the yellow shirt looking for directions to the game)

 Picutre on the left- Zach letting us give him a facial- you cant really see me on the left but you cansee my hands! Picture on the right- the guys after thier facials... Zach is all the way to the left!

When we got back in town I asked Zach out to lunch, he turned me down! Its true, he said no! I left on my way home thinking that was that and I would move on...he adds that it wasnt until he was in his house making himself a sandwich that he realized what had just happened!
A few months later Zach called and asked me to the movies. We did this twice, me not realizing these were supposed to be dates!
Finally Zach formally asked me out on a date and we had a blast! He took me to play putt putt, to snow to go, and to Olive Garden for dinner! It was a great time. We didnt want it to end so we went down to a little beach in the area after dinner and walked and talked for a while longer.

We dated pretty regularly after this and became closer and closer. We began to meet one anothers families- his from Vermont and mine here in town. I visited in 10 inches of snow the north and he learned to deal with 90 degrees and 100% humidity here in the south! It was an experience for both of us!

Zach asked me to go with him on a family vacation in March of 2009 to the Outer Banks and I agreed. It was a lovely vacation and lots of family time was spent, me getting to know them and them getting to know me.
One morning Zach suggested we go for a walk on the beach and watch the sunrise. It was windy and chilly but I love a good sunrise on the beach so I was game!

We walked and walked... we walked so far I fianally said to him- "you know we have to walk back too right?"... he laughed... we turned to watch the sun come up over the ocean and snapped a few photos while we watched... then at one point when I turned to say something to him... there he was... down on one knee!
I was so surprised! I think I actually almost tackled him!

I said yes of course... the ring was absolutely beautiful- one of a kind designed by Zach.

I was the happiest girl in the world!

After a few months of talking with both families we set a date to be married Sept. of that year in our church at home.
Check back next Tuesday for our Wedding story, the funniest line of the ceremony, and of course pictures!