Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mountain Bike Racing

So Zach and I headed up to Richmond early this morning so that he could race in the Mountain Biking race at Camp Hilbert today... it was a chilly start, but the day turned out not to be so bad weather wise! Thank goodness!

This was the first race Zach has done in a while... for those that done know- late last year Zach hurt his hand riding his mountain bike. He ended up tearing the ligament/tendon on his middle finger on his right hand- the tendon that attaches the finger to the knuckle. He had hand surgery last November and his hand has healed very well- it was a long road, and it still has a little ways to go, but all in all it is much better and most importantly he is able to race again! HA!

So off to Camp Hilbert we went... and Zach raced a good race! Here are some photos of the race~

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