Saturday, April 17, 2010

Great Strides Walk in Williamsburg! April 17, 2010

So today was the Great Strides Walk in Williamsburg! Walking to help cure cystic fibrosis is what it is all about! I had been looking so forward to this event this year as I was on the planning committee for the walk and it was only our second year of having a Great Strides walk in Williamsburg. I have lived here my whole life and to see these things taking off in my community finally makes my heart leap!
I had a wonderful team! I had about 42 people registered to come out and walk with me. I cannot tell you how amazing this was to me, just to know that I am so loved and have so much support in my life!
Here are some photo's from the event. Enjoy!

Me and my nephew Caden
Sporting the balloon hat!
Cousin Stormy and her hubby Rob
Family: Aunt Faye, Aunt Patricia & Aunt Linda
Good Friends: Amy and Mary Beth
Author Wesley Smith- I bought a signed copy of his book: Run
Awesome DJ: Eric Cunningham
Aunt Jewell and Aunt Patricia
Carl & Pearl Douglas, hubby Zach on the right
Begining announcements: LaDonna Austin, CFFoundation
Great Strides Banner
Sister in law Gabby and Bro in law's GF Kate
Kate & Gabby again!
Awesome balloon guy: Dave Bolt

My team "One Life, Many Breaths" raised about $2,300 this year! I am so proud of everyone!

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