Thursday, May 6, 2010

Peddal Boats at Waller Mill Park

So last weekend Zach and I decided to go out and just spend some time outdoors for a while. One of our favorite spots to go is out to Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg. It is a great little place for picnics, nature trails, fishing, canoeing or kyaking and for something quick: Peddal boats!
So in efforts to get some exercise and be out in the sunshine for a bit, we took out a peddal boat and headed down the lake! Here are some pictures of the gorgeous lake and some vegetation & wildlife (and I dont mean us!). It was a nice morning, we had a good time and it was relaxing.
For more informaiton on Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg Virginia check out the City of Williamsburg website:

Here are pictures from out mini-venture!

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