Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Do I Blog?

I have gotten this question more frequently lately... so I thought I would answer it- where else, but my blog! I hope that the fact that I am getting this question means that more people are reading my blog, but who knows!
I believe I blog because I feel that so many people in this world are going through so many of the same things- only we don't know it. Blogging for me is a way to be in contact with people I know, people I dont know and people I have things in common with. My blog is of course a personal testimony of my life and all that my life entails. That could add up to a lot on some days and not so much on other days! I write about many things on here and I plan to get deeper into it- I write about church because I love the Lord and I feel very blessed. I write about family - my immediate family, my extended family and my CF family. I hope to connect with people in the world that may be sharing my experiences and I hope to compare notes! People interest me, they intrigue me and I want to know what makes them live life to thier fullest! I hope you enjoy my posts, I hope you feel free to leave comments, and I hope to make an impact and a change for the better of those I cross paths with!

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