Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My To Do List:

Do a random act of kindness- anonymously
Take a cooking class
See a show on Broadway
Create a wedding scrapbook
Print out copies of all my pictures that are on my computer and my camera
Get my husband a Mac Book
Ride a horse
Pay off credit card debt
Have writings published
Read more
Start violin lessons
Get more sleep
Take jeep out on the beach
Take a Caribbean vacation
Tour more historical areas (i.e. Philly, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, D.C. etc…)
See New England- I am half way there!
Get a massage
See my extended family more
Have lunch with my Grandmother more often
Donate all my old books to the library
Get all my pants hemmed
Do volunteer work
Get rid of old junk
Start exercising more
Make homemade Christmas presents one year for everyone
Spend a night under the stars
Go camping with my husband
Finish a crosstitch
Go to Disney World
Buy a bicycle and actually use it
Back up all my computer files/blogs etc…
Go on a super romantic dinner
Buy a curio cabinet for my Willow Tree Angels
Visit all 50 states (19/50)
Have a spa day with my Mom
Go skiing again, this time in Vermont!
Drive a wave runner
Get a hair cut
Make chicken noodle soup from scratch
Take an Italian class
Take a writing class
Visit Italy
Visit Australia
Be more involved in church
Wish on a shooting star
Push myself more during my workouts
Have one huge birthday party – doesn’t matter which birthday
Send Holiday cards to family and friends
Get updated professional photos of us
Update address book
Go apple piciking
Visit Times Square
Go to Vegas
Start doing yoga again
See the Eifel Tower
Keep a journal
Eat more organic foods
Visit graves of loved ones
Get a Passport
Read more for leisure
Save money
Make a will
Do a scavenger hunt
Throw a surprise party for someone
Spend an entire weekend in bed (not sick!)
Recruit more people to be organ donors
Go ice skating
Go roller skating
Play volleyball
Stop working so much
Spend more time with friends
Spend more time outdoors
Take a flying lesson
Go hang gliding
Go on a picnic
Learn to ballroom dance
Bake homemade banana nut bread or muffins
Recycle more
Buy more organic products
Throw a Holiday party
Buy a grill
Get teeth whitened
Reconnect with old friends
Talk less, listen more
Be more forgiving, let go of old grudges
Shop less
Plant a tree
Take more pictures
Update Blog more often!


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