Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebrating with friends...

So today was a fun day... we got to celebrate a high school graduation with some close friends! I have close friends that we attend church with that I have known my whole life and thier daughter just graduated from high school. We were invited to celebrate with her, her family, and her friends at a luncheon in her honor at our church. She is a very sweet girl, very bright, and caring and loving. She is already exploring as a missionary in her young life having just visited Africa this past summer for roughly 2 months. We are very proud of the young woman she is becoming!
Here is a picture of she and I outside our church hospitality center during her graduation luncheon.

Way to go MaryBeth! And Congratulations! We love you!

She also had one of those cool cakes that is all the rage right now- I must say, even though I dont like cake, this one looked pretty good!

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