Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Together Tuesdays... memorable wedding vows!

So last week I promised more on our story... this weeks post is a little bit about our wedding.
We got married mid September of 2009 in our home church Walnut Hills Baptist Church. It was a beautiful day, we could not have asked for better weather. We had lots of family and some very close friends in attendance of our special day.

To start the day off my mom and I went and had our makeup done together... and before we knew it, it was time to head to the church to start getting ready. Zach would arrive a few hours later with his groomsmen and begin getting ready as well.
In the bridal suite I shared some great time with my two best friends Kara and Brandi and my mom was in and out helping us all get ready. Zach's sister Emily arrived to do all of our hair and she did a great job! Then we all got dressed and the photographer took some photos...

We had an evening wedding... it started around 5pm. It was both the longest and the quickest day I had experienced! We had a joyous wedding, it was simple and very meaningful. We were surrounded by loved ones and our ceremony even had it's funny moments!
Zach and I chose traditional vows with a few changes... you know the ones where you repeat after the preacher and it is pretty standard stuff... well... apparently we had included humor that I didnt know about into our vows. Before I get to the punch line, let me fill you in a bit on our preacher Tony. Tony is a wonderful preacher and friend, both he and his wife are special to Zach and I and have been a part of both of our lives for the last few years. So naturally we wanted Tony to marry us. We met with Tony a few times before our wedding just for logistics and general wedding discussions and durring one of those discussions Tony, in efforts to help us remain calm and not let our nerves get the best of us, told us an anticdote that he shares with many of the couples he marries. He told us to just remember that if something goes wrong or we make a mistake or anything out of the ordianry or not planned occurs- we could always come back with... well... that is how they do things in Africa. You're thinking- Africa? Yes, Africa. See, Tony's wife Danner is from Africa. She came to the states when she was 16 and many things were very foriegn to her. The American ways were confusing and new to her. When she found herself in an akward situation she would often respond with- Well that is how they do things in Africa ... and people believed her!
So we had a good laugh at this and carried on in our planning and countdown to the wedding day.
When it came time for our vows, Zach went first. Tony started to lead him by saying "repeat after me". Zach nodded- the cue for Tony to begin and Tony says "I Zach take thee Audrey" to which Zach repeats "I Audrey..." and the congregation as well as myself I must admit erupted with laughter. For a few seconds Zach didnt realize what he had done. It was priceless- and a memory it did make! Tony put a hand on Zach's shoulder and whispered to him- "that's how they do it in Africa"! Zach laughed and we started again...
Laughter aside, everything else went off without a hitch- or rather with a hitch at the end and we were pronounced husband and wife!
We celebrated with a reception afterwards where the food was wonderful and the dancing was delightful! Kidding... we danced our butts off! It was great!
Here are some photos of our special day!

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