Friday, June 3, 2011

Family Friday

So each Friday I will be dedicating a post to Family... this weeks post is about some time I spent with my Mom on my day off! We used to have regular mother-daughter days and so many things changed in our schedules that we are just now bringing that tradition back! What better way to start than a spa day!!!

We got together for a mani/pedi appointment mid morning and I must say we had a blast! I normally do not like to have pedicures- matter of fact my last one was the day before my wedding... but she talked me into it... and into a new place here in town.

She had been telling me about this new spa that has recently opened up in New Town owned by a great young girl named June. I was pleasantly surprised when we got there!
Upon our arrival we were greeted by the most adorable dog- named Kiki... soooo cute! June is the owner of the spa and she took extra special care of us while we were there... and little 7 month old Kiki kept us entertained!
We started off with our pedicures, knowing I was a little apprehensive, June did mine first and calmed all my fears- she was wonderful. And she has the most awesome pedicure chairs in the world! I was so spoiled. The massage from the chair had me never wanting to get up!

Mom and I laughed the whole time about the massage chairs... wonder if Zach would spring for a chair like that to have at home? hmmm... will have to sweet talk him into that!
After our pedi's June did our manicures. She is amazing! Since I've had my nails done I have had two people ask me if my nails were real or acrillic! (they are my real nails)... that is another thing I love about this spa- she does not do anything artificial and the spa is well ventilated and does not smell strong or chemically- I can deal with this!

Mom and I had such a good time we have scheduled ourselves in June's appointment book permanatly once a month!
If you are in the Williamsburg area and are looking for a nice, small, comfortable spa experience check out Beauty Rush in New Town- ask for June and tell her that Audrey sent you! You won't be dissappointed!

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